Comparing The Security Of Fingerprint Vs Iris Biometrics

comparing biometric systems

To date, fingerprint recognition is one of the more popular security features when it comes to the newer generations of the Smartphone’s as well as as biometric technology. Since the introduction of Microsoft iris recognition that is featured on their Smartphone’s, there have been some comparisons between the two biometric traits. Fingerprint and iris recognition … [Read more…]

Improving Home Heating Efficiency

how to improve the heating efficiency of your home

It is everyone’s dream to save on heating bills, especially during the winter. Heating accounts for close to half of the utility costs in most homes. The Department of Energy says that heating you home involves more energy and costs than any systems in the home, usually making up about 42 percent of the utility … [Read more…]

Making Your Own Cloud Backup from home

Creating a cloud backup yourself If you have been dealing with a lot of warnings about running low on storage space lately then you should definitely consider getting your own cloud backup. We live in an era wherein almost everyone has access to a smartphone, which is why we are amassing photographs, videos and other … [Read more…]