Why you might want Homemade Cloud Storage for your data

homemade cloud storage 1 While cloud storage has become important even for home-based users, the fact is that most cloud storage services out there are limited in the space that they offer you. Think DropBox and other services, there is only so much you can store before you need to pay up. Thankfully, there is such a thing as homemade cloud storage. In this article, we are going to talk about the three ways that you can create homemade storage so you can store more on cloud.

Polkast and the like

There are free services like Polkast where you can turn one of your computers to a cloud host. The only thing you need to do is to download the software on your computer (laptop or desktop) and download the apps so you can access files from your smart phone or tablet. Aside from Polkast, you can also try other services like LogMeIn Pro and Spotdox. Polkast has a paid version and LogMeIn and Spotdox are not free, however, they do not cost that much either. With SpotDox, you only need to pay $24 annually or $79 for life.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

NAS is a hard drive that you attach to your main internet connection (router). Most NAS devices are smart enough to share your files over the Internet outside of your home network. NAS devices cost upwards of $200. What you want to do is to buy a plug-and-play device so you can easily create your own cloud storage. Some brands of NAS devices that we recommend you use include Transporter, Zyxel NSA325, and Western Digital MyCloud.

Pocket WiFhomemade cloud storage 2i Device

Devices like Kingston Wi-Drive have storage capacities of at least 32GB, you can store your files in them and access them from your mobile device.This way, if you are outside, you can share your files with other people who may not be in the same area as you. It’s basically cloud storage on-demand. Just NAS devices, pocket WiFI devices have also become smart enough that your files can be shared over the Internet. Aside from Kingston, other pocket WiFi devices we recommend are SanDisk Connect and Corsair Voyager Air.

Aside from Polkast, NAS and pocket WiFi devices, a fourth alternative to creating your own cloud-based service is by doing everything from scratch. But we do NOT recommend it, especially if you have no Internet networking skills because that’s what it takes to create a proper cloud connection.

As you can see, there are many ways that you can create homemade cloud storage. We are not going to tell you which way to go, however, we are going to tell you to really think about your needs. If you plan on hosting a website from your home, buy a NAS device, specifically, Zyxel NSA325 because you can host a WordPress website on your cloud storage. It costs just $75for a one-bay enclosure, with the two-bay enclosure costing $175. Of course, you supply the hard drive, and you need to configure the device to meet your needs.